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Don’t disagree that there are many “How To Hire A Social Media Expert” advice articles surfacing these days, where the primary objective seems to actually be self-promotion of the author, at the expense of others. As an emerging medium the Social space benefits from more participation - not less - so I agree that a more collaborative and positive tone by those involved is necessary in encouraging widespread adoption.

At that same time, I think it’s still fair to Call Bulls*t on those who undermine an emerging category by presenting themselves as experts…when the self-professed expert clearly lacks the requisite skillet to make that claim.

In my own experience (eg. selling Web ads in the mid-90s, promoting SEO/SEM to companies new to online and my current involvement in Mobile media) I have often encountered firms and individuals who do more harm than good due to their ignorance, arrogance or combination of both. When you are talking about anything “bleeding edge” or “leading edge” it’s critically important to avoid creating negative experiences for those *special* clients who are forward-thinking enough to test the waters in early days.

So my bottom line here is: focus less on highlighting the deficiencies of others, Social Media folks. And instead do your best work, continue to evangelize the space without expectation of direct/personal benefit while remembering that adoption of anything new by the mainstream group can happen, but typically only over an extended period of time and as a successful result of the collective efforts of many participants.

Frank Ricketts

...and let's not forget that there is still some fun to be had. If we continue to put rules around everything then the space will get as boring as the social page of the Antigonish Casket. But good grammar and proper punctuation are never out of style.


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