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Giles Crouch (Webconomist)

Yeah, I like that re-phrased question. Why are they trying to force people to the print version when we're consuming online and through other channels?

Alex L

Coming from within on of these old media machines, my observation is that the biggest issue they have with the shift from print to online, is the top line, that is total revenue. They know the best case senerio is $.28 in digital for $1 in print they currently have. Most of these companies have serious issues with the idea they may "shrink" by 70% despite the fact they could actually improve their profitability and reader services. And as such sit hesitantly in their boardroom not making the key moves that need to be made and will deliver their future in the new media world. They know what they should do, but won't.....

Malcolm Fraser

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet answer for the daily news industry, I think that Alex is close to the mark in that the old thinking organizations have to invest in understanding and then trying to innovate in how they engage and deliver content and services to thier audience. The Guardian in the UK is an organization that is embracing digital content. i am sure there is a lesson there for the Herald.


Thanks for the comments guys - much appreciated. It will be interesting to see how the Herald and others make the transition (or not). As Shirky notes, the old business models break before the new ones are invented.


A post from Jeff Jarvis that may be of interest... http://www.buzzmachine.com/2009/05/04/wwgd-with-newspapers/

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