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Giles Crouch (Webconomist)

Yes, but while it is a $200M+ social object, isn't it also the build up that is part of that? Can the overall value of association as that social object and associated reach be easy to replicate?

What's really scary about the Super Bowl? The highest instances of spousal abuse follow that event.


Another wonky fact: During Super Bowl halftime, more toilets flush across the US than any other time all year long.


@Giles - the value of the Super Bowl as a social object is WAY above one year's advertising revenue. But you're right - social objects aren't always easy to create... but worth the effort I suspect. On the spousal abuse bit, I haven't looked into it much but have heard the same stat. How much of it is just a correlation to alcohol consumption I wonder?

@Amy - so, did HRM's harbour solutions project take this into account I wonder?

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