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Harold Jarche

Rob Paterson has a good article, The Real Enterprise 2.0 - The Chaord, on the FastForward Blog.

Maria McGowan

Very true Carman. There needs to be a little bit of chaos for the creative element. Also, helping a client "ride the wave" of social media, rather then swim against it, is key.


talk of chaos? - you must be listening to the wrong so-called SM "specialists"..... Order is chaos and chaos is order.

Giles Crouch (Webconomist)

Most excellent point Carman...I've said a few times "you can no longer control the message, but you can manage it."

And isn't "social media" about being "social?" it is about group organizing and such after all?

Maybe it's not the "specialists" in social media...maybe it's all those social media guru's...

says this adept hopefull of social media...

Paul Wilson

Great post Carman - Marshal Mcluan would love to be around to see how things have "devolved".

The illusion of control is the panacea that consultants are offering their desperate clients. The true opportunity for companies today is the volume of authentic conversations that they can engage in.

Companies like Radian6 (http://www.radian6.com) and dna13 (http://www.dna13.com) are bringing technologies to the market that address the existence of conversations about brand and reputation but at the other end of the line there is still a human, not only a prospect, or a client. The response to chaos can't be inflexible - it has to be authentic.

Great post!

Amber Naslund

Hi Carman,

You're quite right that the much larger issue - beyond all the social media tools - is the education required to teach businesses that the message has never really been theirs to "control". It's just that the morphing of that message in other channels was harder to see.

Now, we're able to empower companies by helping them see the holistic conversation, wherever it may lead. Tracing that dialogue across the social web opens a lot of eyes, and puts the humans behind the brand in a much more enlightened position to engage and respond.

Thanks for the post, and thanks, Paul, for the Radian6 mention.

Amber Naslund
Director of Community | Radian6

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