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Check out my new post: Imitation and retweets!

Wait. I'm doing it wrong, aren't I?

Eden Spodek

Ben, thanks for making me laugh. I needed that today.

Carman, sorry for not moving this conversation forward but I couldn't resist. Besides, I'm not that into imitation even if some consider if the sincerest form of flattery.

Frank Ricketts

Carman: Another thought occurs to me. It has always been humans' practice to imitate - our fathers, sports heroes, teachers, people we know or know about that we want in some way to be like. What seems to be happening today is that we have no problem imitating complete strangers via the social milieu.



@Eden - Interestingly, you don't have the choice as to whether or not you're into imitation. By virtue of being human, the fact is that you are into imitation. It's actually our core survival mechanism in many ways. The simple fact is that we do what we do because of others.

@Frank - Of course, we always have imitated complete strangers. But, perhaps, we're just exposed to more of them now... which may well change the nature of the copying.

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