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jeff white

hahaha. Nice. This screams "our agency told us to be more 'authentic' so we put our mug shots on our flyer".

At least when Walmart pulls this crap, they're showing their own people and their families posing for the flyers. There is a certain amount of credibility there, but this just smacks of misdirection.

Eden Spodek

I'll have to take a better look at their flyer the next time it arrives. I hadn't noticed Jane and Joe public before.

As for customer engagement, right on. Fostering online relationships between buyers and customers is something most retailers would find beneficial.

Joel Kelly

Oh man that is so awesome.

Looks to me like they had decided that these would be the sales and, as Jeff said, they decided to throw some mug shots on there. But then somebody thought that it might seem a little weird that Jane So-and-So is so excited about her feminine hygiene products so some genius said, "No problem, just put a guy's picture there!" And then they traded high-fives.

Joel Kelly

Crap, spelled the URL to my own blog wrong. I guess I am in idiot after all...


LOL! Maybe Julius is just very in touch with his feminine side?

...they're agency told them about social media and they thought this was being social with a one-way media; so they don't have to actually listen?


I actually saw this while perusing the flyers and simply lost it. I can't wait for their incontinence buyer to submit a hasty letter of resignation before the "Bob Smith presents: Depends Days" flyer goes to press...

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