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Joseph Thornley



As a member of the 'PR and marketing folk' I ask you: what is the "business-specific strategic applications of social media". I ask everyone I meet who is tossing around these concepts to point to me a way to measure, define and direct for my clients a strategy with a business case, and all I get are idealized views of how things may work in the future, or a if the client doesn’t get ‘it’ then it is not for them. As someone who has to respond to clients in terms of Return on Investment I have a hard time saying 'well, this network/blog/community might take off and be really popular'. This being the case, is plunging headlong into these concepts the place for responsible businesses, where breaking the waves is not always to most profitable?



I appreciate the comment - thanks for stopping by. Business-specific applications are rather easy to find I must admit... whether it's using a blog to sell bespoke suits (English Cut) or book over $5M worth of hotel rooms (Marriott).... to name just two that come immediately to mind.

Drop me a line at carman AT colour DOT ca and I'd be happy to discuss more...

cheers, cp

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