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a situation like that sounds sooooo appealing at the moment. with so many connections it's hard to be alone. i wonder how many people could handle that kind of isolation.

p.s. i would add a hacky sack to your list. not only is it a good activity to get your blood moving but you can play it alone and even if you don't know how to play you would quickly become a master at it :)


I suppose having grandparents living in similar conditions already in Cape Breton gives me an advantage for my hermit-vacations?

Good luck on the wifi though. Cape Cabins could be marketed as internet rehab.


Have cabin.
Cabin has working Enterprise cookstove.
Can restrict/allow all the access I want.
Will order the Scotch, Bourbon, and red wine.
You bring your own school supplies.
Me... never needed a plug in the first place.

Reel Ninja

What I wouldnt do for a macbook pro....
Halifax Ninja

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