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Mark Dykeman

If "broadcast" equals the same generic message blasted out to faceless masses vs. a message requested through implicit permission by group membership (the "anti-broadcast" of social media), I sort of see your point. However, social media is still susceptible to "shotgun" tactics and the personalization largely is implict through group membership.

It can certainly be more personalized due to the relationships that develop through social media, but it can still be largely impersonal if done with a "broadcasting" mindset.

That's what this broadcasting brain thinks at the moment, but I reserve the right to "repersonalize" my opinion! :)


Hey Mark,

Your point re: mindset is an interesting one... I think that often marketing comes down a question of 'posture' in many ways.

I'll endeavour to think this through a bit more later on without the impediment of excessive cold meds!

oh to see summer, etc.

cheers, cp


I was just talking to my 87 year old mother who remembers well the days when the fastest thing in the world was a horse.
In the context our conversation she said, "Of course, Dear. We all need people."
I think she's right.
That's another old brain, hard wired thing about us left over from the hunter/gatherer days when family and community meant survival.
Figure out how to specificast the message, add an element of community and the credibility that comes with social intercourse, and a five year old kid would know the days of corporate broadcasting are over.
I nominate Carman Pirie to break this news to the CBC.
Social media will take the day.

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