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Mark Dykeman

It would be interesting to understand how Danish marketing and advertising work, if there are such things. Do Danes research everything themselves, do they have trusted sources of information, or do they get information by mass media?


Good question. Without actually knowing the answer, my guess is that this 'tradition' likely tends to govern interpersonal relations rather than consumer-to-brand interactions. That said, the attitude probably comes through in other ways... for instance, they're likely less tolerant of out-of-home ad placements, etc. within their cities than we are in North America.

Frank Ricketts

Interesting discussion, which naturally leads to a larger one. For international marketers the problem of cultural differences presents unique barriers. In this article -

the question is posed: "One of the main issues in international marketing and advertising is whether consumers from different countries will become more and more alike or whether the differences will remain stable or even will grow more."

Will Web 2.0 make lead us to sameness or will it foster an understanding of our uniqueness? For marketers it is an important issue.

As for whether Danes would stand for interruptive advertising, a Danish firm introduced 'buggies' in 2002. They will supply parents of newborns with high quality carriges in exchange for allowing them to put ad messages on the carriages. Not sure how the babies feel about this - they may need a New York agent.

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