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Robert Paterson

Absolutely Carman - I have been astounded by the growth of comment and community - all not formally organized - around the idea of not believing in God. A Taboo subject where having a support community is itself a contradiction. But being human we all need social support - Bingo YouTube!

Same for the Bryant Park Radio show on NPR - many of us can't listen for reasons of time etc - but the use of Twitter and the Blog is creating not a fan club but a community where we all swap ideas and love. No organization - it's easy to drop in and/or leave

I wonder though is there an idea or an object at the centre of each community? Is this the DNA of non organization/organization - that there has to be an object at its centre?


That is an interesting question, Rob. I think connectedness has many layers... so, the 'idea or object at the centre of each community' may be stated as one thing (not believing in God, per your example) but the real glue that holds it together likely has little to do with that, particularly as the community evolves and grows.

An object or idea (Hugh's 'Social Object', perhaps) may answer the question 'Why connect in the first place?' while Love provides the glue... helping to answer the question 'Why do we continue to connect?'.

What do you think?

Mark Dykeman

The resemblance between the two pictures would be even stronger if everyone in the Halifax Farmer's Market was wearing a sandwich board that advertised their interests, their friends, and their contributions, much like the stall owners do.

Crude, but do you get my point?


i am gonna show this to my friend, guy

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