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Joel Kelly

Yeah, it's going to be interesting to see if this actually does them any damage. And if it doesn't, what does that say about the people that drink it?

Frank Ricketts

Good post Carman. It's what happens when a company becomes obsessed with distribution and forgets about quality/tradition and heritage. Welcome to mediocrity Mr. Keith.

Darrin Searancke

Really good point Carman - didn't think about it that way until I read you post. But, I wonder - if this is just a case of cost cutting, then will the loyal Keith's consumer even care about it, because they just like the taste/brand of the beer? I do think that Keith's is a relatively "young" brand compared to Guinness, so ultimately this is all a marketing spin - to make consumers feel okay about it. Hopefully "Those who currently like it, won't mind where it's made"? But what about future customers/consumers?


In the long run, it's not going to matter where it's brewed, because it's going to essentially taste the same. If they didn't make sure that it tasted the same as here in Halifax, then they wouldn't bother wasting millions of dollars trying to brew it somewhere else. It's just part of trying to satisfy a demand.


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